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The Team

Clasing Equestrian has limited openings for working students.  This is an ideal program for an ambitious rider looking to get involved in an upper-level program.  For more information, or to apply, please contact Kaitlin via email clasingequestrian@gmail.com or phone (540) 454-6974.

Katie Mays

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Katie has been around horses her entire life. But it was only after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Equine Science that she found eventing. She worked for 5 years at MK Eventing learning management, training and grooming in an upper-level eventing barn. While she enjoys riding and has competed through the Modified level, her main focus and interest is in being a professional groom. We are very fortunate to have found someone who really enjoys being there on the ground, taking care of the horses and the barn.


We are very fortunate to have help keeping our place in tip top shape and looking good. This guy helps with the barn and provides the maintenance for the facility. We all know there is always something that needs to be fixed or mowed or improved, and Marco is always there to tackle whatever project needs doing.

Ricardo Hernandez

Ricardo is a welcome addition to our little family. He brings an easy smile, loads of horse experience and a real eye for landscaping and property care.

We also get to have his lovely family helping and participating in the day to day activities. Watching his children play, laugh and grow gives us all a real reason to smile.