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Horses Sold

We always have a quality group of horses for sale.  For information on current sales horses please contact us.

Billy McArthur

2012 Gelding
Tangelo Van de Zuuthoeve (BWP) x Billy McCruise (ISH) x Vechta (KWPN)
Competed through the Training level.

Bon Vivant DSF

2014 Gelding
Bon Balou x North Bound (TB)

One Under Par

2012 Gelding
It’s a Bird xx x Heroiclady xx

Competed through the Training level


2010 Gelding
Cunningham x Dorothy’s Cabin xx
Competed through the Intermediate level
Congratulations to the Padgett family!

Baloux Lordanos 

2010 Gelding
Balou Du Rouet x Hauptstutbuch x Efendi
Competed through the Preliminary level.
Congratulations to the Minz family!

Count Cadence

2013 Gelding
Grafenstolz x Trial Run xx

Warren LVS Z

2012 Gelding
Waldo Van Dugen x Witgrafin x Concorde
Competed through Preliminary
Congratulations Cary Chavis!

Galileo WP

2011 Gelding
Ustinov x Alexia x Tolan R

Competed through CCI* Level

Congratulations Georgia Dillard!

**** Georgia and Galileo WP won team gold and individual bronze at the 2018 NAYC CCI1*!

The Dude Abides

2013 Gelding
Harlequin du Carel x Puissance Lass x Puissance
Congratulations Kaia Pennington!

Cabin Continental

2013 Gelding
Dakota VDL x Cabin Lore x Jumbo

Tell M’ Nothin

2012 Gelding

Repent x Quick Interview

Congratulations Ava Anderson!

Shannondale Fionn

Shannondale Sarco x Shannondale Sasha x Lux Z
Competed through Preliminary Level
Congratulations Jeanne Carley!

Cordially Yours

Couer d’Amour x Tzarina
Competed through Novice Level
Congratulations Amy Davis!

Dickie Small

Malibu Moon x Hartigan
Competed through Preliminary Level
Congratulations Deanna Raida!

Con Man

Contucci x Bint Baladee xx
Congratulations Lauren Elizabeth!

Broadway Act

Mr Broad Blade xx x Act Like A Lady xx
Competed through CCI* Level
Congratualtions Chimene Evans!


Competed through CIC** Level
Congratulations Shelby Brost!
****Shelby and Crimson winners of the 2016 NAJYRC Two Star!

Furl The Main

English Chanel xx x Polish Numbers xx
Competed through Novice Level
Congratulations Mary Clare!


Competed through Training Level
Congratulations Ashley Trier!


Competed through CCI**** Level
Congratulations Anna Hasslequist!

Hush Hush Boy

Aristotle xx x Hush Sister xx
Congratulations Denver Wells!


San Valentine

Congratulations Kevin Keane!


Balou du Rouet x Dots N Dashes xx
Competed through Novice Level
Congratulations Todd Karn!

Comet Royale

Royal Appearance x Comet Surfer xx
Competed through Novice Level
Congratulations Jamie Stevens!